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Recommended Reading
I don't usually do this here in my RL journal, but this fanfic was just too amazing not to share.

* Postremus Regum Britanniae or The End of the World and What Came Next

{by definewisdom // Prologue + 11 Chapters = ca. 60.000 words}

It starts in present day London a couple of days before the world is ending and tells the story of how all the main Arthurian characters (based on their portrayal in the BBC show Merlin) find together again - with or without memories of their past lives - to save the world.

The dystopian urban setting, the pop-culture references, the psychology of the characters combined with their slowly resurfacing memories make for an incredibly entertaining read. And you definitely don't have to be familiar with BBC's Merlin to enjoy this.

Arthur did not believe it for a second, it was ridiculous, completely ridiculous. How was he supposed to save the world? He was an office worker who had grown up in Surrey, for crying out loud. The biggest thing he had ever saved was two hundred and fifty quid at the last DFS sale.
{from: Postremus Regum Britanniae or The End of the World and What Came Next}

As Newton's Third Law of Motion states: 'For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction'. For years the world of 'reality' has pushed away the ideas and creatures of magic, forcing them back. Now magic has returned bringing with it chaos and nightmares and the only person who can reunite the worlds of reality and the supernatural is the Once and Future King. However, Destiny has lost its way and a small group of complete strangers (or so they think), guided by a mad woman, are left to search for the only weapon that might save them. But without their memories to help them they're off the beaten track. Here there be dragons.
{Author's Summery}

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